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PhD Program


The Graduate Institute of Marine Affairs (GIMA) has not yet officially established its doctoral program; thus, if you intend to pursue a doctoral degree in the field of marine affairs (Ph.D. in Marine Affairs), please apply for admission from the International Graduate Program of Marine Science and Technology (IGPMST, https://igpmst.nsysu.edu.tw) of the College of Marine Sciences of this University.

For more information concerning the procedures and requirements for admission application, please consult the Admission Application Guide for International Degree Students or https://oia.nsysu.edu.tw/static/file/308/1308/img/3667/NationalSunYat-senUniversity2023-2024AdmissionApplicationGuide.pdf.

After being admitted and enrolled in the IGPMST, you will take most of your courses with GIMA for your academic pursuit. The following figure illustrates the academic requirements for obtaining a doctoral degree in marine affairs.

PhD Courses